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    SuperKluster NFT Marketplace

    Powered by Voxel X
    • Buy and sell in-game assets
    • Cross-chain NFT Marketplace
    • First of its kind Metaverse Marketplace
    • $VXL native token
    • Onboarding 100+ partners

    VoxDEX (dex)

    Q2 2022
    • A new and improved DEX unlike what Defi has seen before
    • Swap
    • Stake
    • Earn passive income

    Voxel X Node Network

    phase 2
    • Fully distributed and community owned
    • Hi-speed network at speeds of 100,000 TPS
    • Hi-volume data processing
    • Scalable
    • Micro economy with delegating
    • Patented Technology

    Blockchain Solutions

    phase 2
    • Full Layer one and Layer 2 solution
    • Infrastructure Resilience
    • Secure, cloud-free solutions
    • Automatic Scaling
    • High performing DAPPS
    • Patented technology




  • Meet the Voxel X Team

    Tim Tanner
    Director – Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
    Richard Naka
    Director – Project Development
    Ollie Pollock
    Director – Creative Branding
    Max Julian
    Executive Director – Promotions
    Will H
    Partnerships & Business Development
    TJ Ergun
    Partnerships & Business Development
    Rob H
    Partnerships & Business Development
    Luka Birkin
    Graphic Design & Animation Lead
    Michel ter Dam
    Web Developer & Community Engagement Lead
    Blaze Reed
    Digital Marketing Lead
    Markus Langebraun
    Recruitment Lead
    Oda Hiroto
    Communications Lead
    Anthony Sanchez
    Finance Lead
    Mohsin Shahbaz
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Gamefi & Metaverse Partners

    Voxel X Network core ethos envisions a unified Defi front of a collaborative nature. Breaking down misconceptions and a tribal sense of communities and developers who take stance of “us versus them” Individually we are but one, but together, unified and determined will create a space for the greater Defi community to gather and be safe from Defi’s unfortunate pit falls.

    Voxel X Network conducts a qualifying and vetting process for all inbound partnerships ensuring the projects meet a standard of transparency and mitigated risk for the broader community of investors. The ultimate vision is amalgamating these individual projects into one big Megaverse using our proprietary tech, not in competition with another but in partnership with each other. Thus bringing our vision to reality. With SuperKluster, Voxel X Node Network and VoxDEX powering this ambitious task.

    Voxel X Ambassadors

    Julian and Corde Broadus
    Snoop Dogg sons

    Frankin Edgar
    former UFC Lightweight Champion

    Roger Matthews
    ex-Jersey Shore Reality Star

    Emma Sophina
    Aussie reality musician

    Michael Carlsle
    renowned country music artist from Nashville

    Dominique Hamilton
    Ex-NFL football player turned crypto family man

    Star Akeem Hunt
    Ex-NFL football player turned crypto enthusiast

    Andrew Forte
    Crypto includer previously with Gokhshtein Media