Tim Tanner

Co-Founder - Strategic Partnerships

Eric Ramsey

Chief Technology Officer

Ollie Pollock

Co-Founder - Metaverse Development & Security

Michel ter Dam

Co-Founder - Web & Front-End Project Development

Rob H

Head of NFT, GameFi & Metaverse Partnerships

Blaze Reed

Co-Founder - Digital Marketing

Luka Birkin

Co-Founder - Graphic Design & Video Animations

TJ Ergun

Co-Founder - Security & Partnerships

Duke Monk

Operations Manager

Julian Broadus

Executive Director - Promotions

Mohsin Shahbaz

Digital Marketing Manager

Tomé Sousa

Head of Security of Networks & Digital Infrastructures

Nelson Moondela

Lead Crypto Technical Analyst

Kim Groot

Manager - Creative, NFT GameFi & Metaverse Partnerships

Zeina R

Creative Marketing Manager



Crypto Advisor

Jake Gagain

Crypto Advisor

Wolf Financial


Key Supporters

David Gokhstein

Gokhshtein Media
Crypto Educator

Isaac Barnes

President of Eminent Future

Brand Ambassadors

Julian Broadus

Snoop Dogg's Son

Corde Broadus

Snoop Dogg's Son

Emma Sophina

Australian Reality Musician

Michael Carlisle

US Country Musician

Naomi Metzger

10x British National Triple Jump Champion

Kristina Keller

Brand Ambassador

Altcoin Gordon

Brand Ambassador

Erica Cheever

Voxel X Gaming Ambassador

Emily's Universe

Crypto Influencer

Jay Chow

Chinese Ambassador