Summary of Voxel X

Voxel X is working to list 100+ multi-chain blockchain projects, which will allow for instant volume and $ value on all of its platforms within the Voxel X ecosystem

Voxel X facilitates the creation, transfer and management of digital assets for use in blockchain gaming, GameFi, Metaverse, and more with simplicity in its ecosystem powered by the native currency $VXL token.

VXL functions as the utility token for the Voxel X NFT marketplace, Voxel X decentralized exchange VoxDEX, VoxelXVerse Metaverse and custom built patented Node Network.

Voxel X is optimized for blockchain gaming, metaverse, and Web 3.0 development, while supporting all EVM chains.

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Voxel X Ecosystem

Open Pitch Deck

Voxel X Network (‘Voxel X’) is a community-driven ecosystem with a solution based approach creating synergy between the gaming industry and blockchain technology.

$VXL is an ERC-20 smart contract using the most current version of Solidity.

$VXL will function as the utility token for the entire Voxel X Network ecosystem, as such $VXL will be used as the native currency for SuperKluster NFT Marketplace, VoxDEX Exchange staking for passive returns, Voxel X Node Network and VoxelXVerse Metaverse.

Voxel X Team is comprised of seasoned crypto enthusiasts with varied experiences in some of the leading crypto projects around the world. Our team includes consultants, business owners, artists, investors, project managers, entrepreneurs and gamers.

The Voxel X team has operational experience in different industry sectors, including gaming, e-commerce, marketing, design, video production, music production, community building, coding, blockchain solutions and IT security systems.

The all-service, ethically-sound, competency-based team formed by instilling in Voxel X the same ethos we expect for our own businesses and families.

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A Multi-chain NFT Decentralized Marketplace designed for creators and optimized for GameFI & metaverse NFT assets

VoxCitizens represent the community driving the Voxel X ecosystem.

VoxCitizens are expected to be loyal to the Voxel X Vision in becoming a decentralized community driven project and will be rewarded handsomely for their loyalty and efforts.

A powerful & robust decentralized exchange.

Swap, earn, and build on the leading decentralized crypto trading protocol. Generous Rewards Incentive System.

A community-owned, cloud-free solution comprised of thousands of community nodes which will form the Node architecture optimized for GameFi & Metaverse, which will run on an auto-scaling, high-speed, lightweight blockchain.

We are building an interconnected Metaverse environment with other partner environments, heveloping and optimizing 3D cross compatible NFT, for users to play, trade and connect.

Is a decentralized governance system governed through fair and transparent community proposals and voting mechanisms for decision making.

Voxel X Network is a community centric ecosystem that will always treat DeFi as a gift for the community to build and collaborate in creating the biggest free market space that will provide generational wealth distribution, while contributing to decentralization.

If you are a Creator, NFT project, GameFi or Metaverse project who wishes to discuss the possibility of listing onto our partnership program, please contact our admins through our Telegram.

Yes, if you have a specific expertise that can bring added value to the Voxel X ecosystem, please do reach out to our community admins in our Telegram.