Voxel X NFT, GameFi &
Metaverse Partnerships

Voxel X Network (‘Voxel X’) is a community-driven ecosystem with a solution based approach creating synergy between the gaming industry and blockchain technology.
Listing Benefits

Access to Voxel X Powered SuperKluster NFT Marketplace

Access to a host of NFT creators

Access to NFT, GameFi & Metaverse Communities

Extensive Marketing Exposure on social media & communication platforms ie AMAs

Pathway to VoxDEX Exchange

Pathway onto Voxel X Node Network

Access to high level support from Voxel X Smart Contract to Metaverse Development, Marketing & Operations team

Connectivity of Project's Metaverse Environments amongst communities

GameFi & Metaverse

Voxel X Network core ethos envisions a unified Defi front of a collaborative nature. Breaking down misconceptions and a tribal sense of communities and developers who take stance of "us versusithem" Individually we are but one, but together, unified and determined will create a space for the greater Defi community to gather and be safe from Defi's unfortunate pit falls.

Voxel X Network conducts a qualifying and vetting process for all inbound partnerships ensuring the projects meet a standard of transparency and mitigated risk for the broader community of investors. The ultimate vision is amalgamating these individual projects into one big Megaverse using our proprietary tech, not in competition with another but in partnership with each other. Thus bringing our vision to reality. With SuperKluster, Voxel X Node Network and VoxDEX powering this ambitious task.

Brand Ambassadors


Snoop Dogg's Son


Snoop Dogg's Son


Australian Reality Musician


US Country Musician


10x British National Triple Jump Champion

Voxel X is a Mattereum strategic partner